This course focuses on the use of the most popular cloud computing applications and services that run on a distributed network using virtualized resources and accessed by common Internet protocols and networking standards. Its architecture, abstraction, virtualization, infrastructures, scaling deployments, machine learning in the cloud, data management, security and privacy in the cloud will be discussed in details. 

Bu derste  öğrenciye, bilgisayarın temel donanım birimlerinin ve işletim sistemlerinin  tanıtılması, internet kullanımı hakkında bilgi verilmesi ve ofis programlarını kullanarak bilgisayarda doküman, elektronik tablo ve sunum hazırlamak için gerekli olan temel bilgi ve becerilerin kazandırılması amaçlanmaktadır.

This course is the first ring of the chain of Algorithms and Programming courses aiming to introduce students to the manner of thought in programming. The course aims to give an introduction to problem solving techniques and programming using structured programming approach. The applications will be performed using C language. The course will provide the students with the programming and analytical foundations that will be used in all consecutive IT related courses. One of the main objectives is to endow the student with critical thinking skills in programming. In the first part of the course, students earn the required skills about the thought of programming using flowcharts and pseudo-code. In the second part, a general purposed programming language, C, is being taught to the students in order to fortify their programming skills.