Sinusoidal Sources and Phasors. AC Steady-State Analysis. AC Steady-State Power. Three-Phase Circuits. The Laplace Transforms. Circuit Analysis in the s-domain. Frequency Response. Mutual Inductance and Transformers. Two-port Circuits. (Prerequisite: EENG 223 Circuit Theory I)


Basic components of robot systems; coordinate frames, homogeneous transformations, kinematics for manipulator, inverse kinematics; manipulator dynamics, Jacobians: velocities and static forces , trajectory planning, Actuators, Sensors, Vision, Fuzzy logic control of manipulator and robotic programming.

Circuit variables and circuit elements. Some circuit simplification techniques. Techniques of circuit analysis. The operational amplifiers. The natural and step response of RL and RC circuits. Natural and step responses of RLC circuits. Sinusoidal steady-state analysis. Introduction to the Laplace Transform. The Laplace Transform in circuit analysis.