Storage structures and memory allocations. Primitive data structures. Data abstraction and Abstract Data Types.  Array and  record structures. Sorting algorithms and quick sort. Linear & binary search. Complexity of algorithms. String processing. Stacks & queues; stack operations, implementation of recursion, polish notation and arithmetic expressions. Queues and their implementations. Dequeues & priority queues. Linked storage representation and linked-lists. Doubly linked lists and circular lists. Binary trees. Tree traversal algorithms. Tree searching. General trees. Graphs; terminology, Operation on graphs and traversing algorithms. (Prerequisite: EENG112)

EENG232 Electromagnetics I

Review of vector calculus. Electrostatics in vacuum. Coulomb's and Gauss's laws. Electrostatic potential. Poisson's and Laplace's equations. Conductors in the presence of electrostatic fields. Method of images. Dielectrics; polarization. Dielectric boundary conditions. Capacitance. Electrostatic energy. Electrostatic forces by the virtual work principle. Steady currents. Ohm's and Joule's laws. Resistance calculations. Magnetostatics in vacuum. Ampere's force law. Biot-Savart law. Magnetic vector potential. Ampere's circuital law. Magnetic boundary conditions. Magnetic dipole. Magnetization. Hysteresis curve. Self and mutual inductance. Magnetic stored energy. Magnetic forces by the virtual work principle. (Prerequisite: MATH 152, PHYS 102)