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    New Announcement:


    Dear students in PHYS102, 

    The resit exam of PHYS102 will be held on Tuesday

    14 July 2020, at 10:45 on Microsoft Team. The Exam will

    be from all chapters and is worth 85 points. The other 15 

    points will be considered from your existing LAB marks

    (LAB has no Resit).

    The corresponding channel will be announced today afternoon.

    Good Luck




    Dear Students in PHYS102

    We have announced the results on your portal. 

    For those students who did not attend the MIDTERM and / or FINAL +

    LABFINAL exams, we put MAKE-UP exams which will be online on Team.

    i) The exams will be on July 1, 2020 at 16:30 on Microsoft


    ii) You are allowed to take either Midterm or Final+Lab Final.

    iii) The Team Code for entering the exam channel/room is:




    Dear students, please join your group at 8:10 am on Friday for the ID check and attendance. The Exams (Final and Lab-Final) will be conducted on WebAssign. The Exam will comprise questions from the theoretical part and one question as lab exam. All students will join their own groups at 8:10 where in the first 20 Minutes we will conduct an ID control randomly, by asking the students to open the camera and show the ID next to your face. All students have to stay in Microsoft Teams during the complete duration of the exam which will be recorded. We will randomly check your presence and ask you to open your camera. The questions of the final exam will be answered in two ways. First you answer the question as normal in WebAssign, and secondly in the last part you will find a button upload your solution here with a button choose file. There, you will upload the picture of your solution to the system. The upload of the solutions will be mandatory for all students and will receive the majority of the points. Therefore, we will download and print your solutions and grade those solution in the same way we would have done in the in-class exam. So, if you don't upload the solution you may only receive for instance a mark 1 out of 10 points. 

    Here is the complete rules and regulations:

    PHYS102 FINAL EXAM + LAB-FINAL EXAM Final Exam Rules:

    1. Every student must present her/his ID (with your current photo) whenever asked during the exam.

    2. WebAssign (via Chrome like browser) and Microsoft Teams (via its application) (your own PHYS102 group Teams) have to be open simultaneously during the whole examination.

    3. You must complete the attendance to be assigned to your Teams group. You will be invigilated by your instructor and/or the relevant assistant during the entire exam. You will follow their commands exactly. (In case of the usage of mobile devices, the camera automatically switches off when working on WebAssign, but the voice channel is available in both directions).

    4. The entire exam will be recorded by the Teams. You should also be ready to share your WebAssign screen whenever it is requested.

    5. The students are responsible for the availability, installation, and ensuring the proper operation of all technical equipment deemed necessary to take the online exam.

    6. The exam will be conducted via WebAssign. The solutions of the problems are going to be given in two ways. Firstly, as in the previous exams, the numerical answers are going to be given in the pre-allocated boxes. Secondly, at the end of each question, the upload of the handwritten solutions will be required. Lack of handwriting solutions will result in a significant reduction in points.

    7. The upload time of 15 minutes is included in the exam duration for each question.

    8. For the solutions, the student needs to provide one A4 paper for each part of the questions, appropriate writing material, and a camera to picture and upload the solutions to the upload part of the problem to the assigned section in WebAssign.

    9. On top of every exam paper, every student has to put her/his Name, Surname, Student number, and Signature, as will be instructed during the exam.

    10. The student has to leave space at specific part of the answer sheets - which will be stated in the questions - and put her/his ID card at the position stated before picturing and uploading the solution.

    Exam procedure:

    1. At 08:09AM (Cyprus Time), every student has to join its own class in Microsoft Teams for the random ID control and leave Microsoft Teams open during the whole exam.

    2. The students will receive all questions via WebAssign in the assigned time intervals.

    3. The solution for each question-part should be written on a single A4 paper sheet, leaving space for the student ID card at the announced position in the question.

    4. The uploaded solutions without properly placed ID card on the assigned (the assignment of the locations will be noted at the end of each question) locations will not be considered for grading.

    June 19, 2020 Friday Examination Schedule (Cyprus Time) PHYS102

    08:09-08:29 ID control and Attendance via Microsoft Teams

    08:30-09:00 Problem 1 via WebAssign (30 Minutes for the Solution+ Upload) (Exam Starts) 09:01-09:41 Problem 2 via WebAssign (40 Minutes for the Solution + Upload)

    09:42-10:12 Problem 3 via WebAssign (30 Minutes for the Solution+ Upload)

    10:13-10:59 Problem 4 via WebAssign (46 Minutes for the Solution+ Upload)

    11:00-11:30 Lab-Final Exam via WebAssign (30 Minutes for the Solution+ Upload) (Exam Ends)


    OLD Announcements: 

    Dear Students in PHYS102
    Please be informed that, the eighth WEBQUIZ in PHYS102 will be held on Saturday 06-June-2020 at 5:00 PM. This quiz includes three
    questions and its duration is 30 minutes. The subjects are from chapter 31 (Faraday's Law). Please be also aware that, the number of "Submissions Allowed" in this webquiz is just 1. Therefore the first solution you choose is the last one.
    Good Luck



    Dear Students in PHYS102
    Please be informed that, the seventh WEBQUIZ in PHYS102 will be held on Saturday 30-May-2020 at 5:00 PM. This quiz includes three
    questions and its duration is 30 minutes. The subjects are from chapter 30 (The Sources of the Magnetic Fields).
    Good Luck

    Very important announcement  about the Lab102:

    Dear Students in PHYS102:
    We will continue the Physics-II experiments that we paused due to COVID19 as online in the period of 1-13 June 2020.
    a) It is mandatory for everyone to perform and report those new online experiments. (No exemption!)
    b) A total of 4 online experiments will be carried out.
    c) The experiments are scheduled according to the weekly course schedule of the group of the related PHYS102 course.
    d) You will take 1p once you successfully report each experiment.
    e) Participation in the experiment will be processed as a bonus of 0.25p.
    f) Experiments will be taught by your Tutor via your Teams group.
    g) You will be given a report paper (as an assignment) for each experiment and you will need to complete the report within 2 days.
    Please click on the links below
    a) To access the online experiment calendar:
    b) To access the online lab manual:


    Dear Students in PHYS102

    Please be informed that, the SIXTH WEBQUIZ in PHYS102 will

    be held on Saturday 23-May-2020 at 5:00 PM. This quiz includes five

    questions and its duration is 30 minutes. The subjects are from

    chapter 29 (Magnetic Fields).

    Good Luck


    MIDTERM EXAM (Sunday, 17 May 2020 at 16:30)

    Dear Students in PHYS102

    The online midterm exam (via Webassign) will be held on Sunday, 17 May 2020 at 16:30.

    The duration of the exam is 90 minutes and the subjects will be from the following chapters:

    1)      Chapter 19 – Temperature (Sections 1,2,3)

    2)      Chapter 20 – The First Law of Thermodynamics (Sections 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

    3)      Chapter 21 – The Kinetic Theory of Gases (Sections 1,2,3.4,5)

    4)      Chapter 22 – Heat , Engines, Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Sections 1, 3,4,5,7,8)

    5)      Chapter 23 – Electric Fields (Sections 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

     Please be informed also that, there is no online quiz on Saturday 16 May 2020.

    Good Luck


    Dear Students in PHYS102

    Please be informed that, the FIFTH WEBQUIZ in PHYS102 will

    be held on Saturday 09-May-2020 at 5:00 PM. This quiz includes

    four questions and its duration is 30 minutes. The subjects are

    from chapter 25 (Electric Potential).

    Good Luck

    WEBQUIZ-04 PHYS102

    Dear Students in PHYS102
    Please be informed that, the FOURTH WEBQUIZ in PHYS102 will be held on Saturday 02-May-2020 at 5:00 PM. This quiz includes three
    questions and its duration is 30 minutes. The subjects are from chapter 24 (Gauss's Law).
    Good Luck

    Change of Assessment due to Covid19:



    8 Web Quizzes via WebAssign with

    5% weight for each,

    best 6 out of 8 will be considered.


    Midterm Exam (to be announced)


    Lab Exam (to be announced in the Period: June 15-30)

    Topics: Theoretical background

    of Experiments conducted,

    Analysis of Experimenal Data,

    Experimental Setup 


    Lab Participation

    (to be announced in the

    Period: June 01-June 13)


    Final Exam

    (to be announced in the

    Period: June 15-30)

    19-April-2020 Announcement

    WEBQUIZ-03 for PHYS102

    Dear Students in PHYS102
    Please be informed that, the THIRD WEBQUIZ in PHYS102 will be held on Saturday 25-April-2020 at 5:00 PM. This quiz includes four
    questions and its duration is 40 minutes. The subjects are from chapter 23 (Electric Field).
    Good Luck

    16-April-2020 Announcement


    WEBQUIZ-02 for PHYS102 

    Dear Students in PHYS102
    Please be informed that, the SECOND WEBQUIZ in PHYS102 will be held on Saturday 18-April-2020 at 5:00 PM. This quiz includes three
    questions and its duration is 30 minutes. The subjects are from chapter 22 (Heat engine, Entropy and The second law of thermodynamics).
    Good Luck

    12-April-2020 Announcement

    Make-up for the first online quiz PHYS102

    (17-April-2020 at 17:00 up to 17:30)

    Dear students in PHYS102 (Spring 2019-20)
    A make-up quiz for the first online quiz will be held on Friday, 17-April-2020 at

    17:00 up to 17:30 (Cyprus time). All students are allowed to attend this

    make-up quiz and the better score between the first quiz and its make-up

    will be considered. The subjects are from chapters 19,20 and 21, in

    accordance with the course outline. Thetotal number of questions

    are four and over all the make-up quiz isout of 5. Please answer the

    questions within 30 minutes.

    Good Luck 

    9-April-2020: Announcement


    1. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Cengage Learning enrolled ALL our students to Webassign.
    2. Please, visit
    3. The login for ALL students (e.g.
    4. The password for this account is set to SStudentNumber (e.g. S1484896) (Please Change your password at your earliest convenience)
    5. The first WebQuiz will be on Saturday, April 11, 2020 from 17:00-17:30 (Cyprus Time)
    6. The topics for the first Web Quiz will be chapter 19,20 and 21.
    7. In total we will conduct 8 WebQuizzes via Webassign counting the best 6. The weight of each WebQuiz will be 5%.
    8. CLASS KEY: 79922055


    New announcement for all students who use the "CENGAGE WEBASSIGN"

    Click on:


    Dear Students of PHYS102. The distance education has been officially started since 31-March-2020. You find more details of how to join the online classes, down this page. The Course outline has also been altered due to the two weeks gap caused by Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. In what follows you find the new outline for April-2020. Any possible update/change will be posted here as well.

    Good luck and stay safe at home. 

    Dear Student,


    As you know, you have been using the e-mail address  allocated to you by the university. For some time, our university has been working in collaboration with Microsoft to switch to Office 365 email and applications for the use of our staff and students. So far, around 2000 of our students have successfully used Office 365 accounts.


    As of now, all our students can use their Office 365 accounts through

    Using and password used to access wireless eduroam.

    With Office 365, you will be able to access your accounts with your eduroam username and password.

    So, what kind of advantages will be provided with Office 365?

    1. You will be using your email address as .

    2. The quota of your email address is 50 GB and it may later be increased.

    3. You will have a OneDrive account where you can safely store your files, pictures, videos, and notes.

    4. By using OneDrive, which has a 1TB space, you will be able to securely share your files both with your friends and instructors, and you can work on files collaboratively if you wish.

    5. You will be able to make video / voice calls using Skype for Business with your Office 365 account.

    6. If, online lessons come fore in the future, you will be able to attend online classes opened by your instructors, save your instructor's notes, and participate in classes in an interactive way.

    7. If you need, you will be able to use Office Programs (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) online.



    How to Log on to Your Office 365 Account?

    You will be able to log into your Office 365 account at  with the password you use when entering and the wireless network system called ‘eduroam’.

    You can easily set up your e-mail accounts as Exchange / Office365 on windows, IOS or Android operating systems.

    If you encounter problems whilst logging into your account or installing applications, please contact the faculty / department system administrator or the Computer Center.




    Bildiğiniz gibi Dünya Sağlık Örgütü’nün COVID-19 Virüs salgınını Pandemi (Küresel Salgın) ilan etmesi ve Bakanlar Kurulu’nun daha önce aldığı karar uyarınca üniversitemizde 22 Mart 2020 tarihine kadar eğitime ara verilmişti.


    Bakanlar Kurulu'nun dün akşam yaptığı olağanüstü toplantı sonrasında alınan kararlar hakkında aşağıdaki konuları önemle bilgilerinize getirmek isteriz.


    1. Üniversitemiz Rektörlüğü 27 Mart 2020 tarihine kadar eğitime ara verme kararı almıştır.

    2. Öğrencilerimizin yapılan uyarılarılara uymaları ve kendilerini izole ederek belirtilen tarihe kadar sosyal ortamlardan uzak durmaları,

    3. Bu süre zarfında mecbur kalmadıkça yurtdışına seyahat etmemeleri,

    4. Söz konusu tarihlerde üniversitedeki tüm akademik ve idari çalışanların idari izinde olacağını,

    5. Kararlar uyarınca toplu ibadet alanlarının 1 Nisan 2020 tarihine kadar kapalı olduğunu 

    6. Yabancı uyruklu öğrenci ve ailelerin COVİD-19 (Corona Virüsü) ile ilgili olabilecek sıcaklık,öksürük ve nefes darlığı şeklinde hastalık belirtileri ile karşılaşmaları halinde acilen aşağıda verilen irtibat telefonlarına ulaşmaları


    KKTC Sağlık Bakanlığı

    ‪+90 533 850 1188

    + ‪90 548 850 1188


    KKTC Başbakan Yardımcılığı

    ve Dışişleri Bakanlığı

    ‪+90 533 851 4006


    önemle rica olunur.


    Konu hakkında Rektörlük duyurularının dikkate alınmasına ve virüsten korunma adına yapılan duyurulara itibar edilmesini temenni ederiz. Üniversitemiz Öğrenci İşleri Müdürlüğü, Mali İşler Müdürlüğü ve Yurtlar Müdürlüğü çalışmaları ile ilgili bilgi almak ve danışmak isteyenlerin Rektörlük duyurularını takip etmeleri gerekmektedir.



    DAÜ Rektörlüğü



    As you all know, upon the World Health Organisation declaring COVID-19 virus outbreak a Pandemic and the Council of Ministers' former decision on the issue, an announcement regarding the suspension of all educational activities within our university until 22 March 2020 was made.  


    We would like to bring to your attention the following issues following the latest decisions taken at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers last night. 


    1. Our University's Rector's Office has decided to continue with the suspension of all educational activities until  27 March 2020 

    2. We invite all students to comply with all warnings issued, avoid social environments and isolate themselves from others until the specified date

    3. Excluding compelling circumstances, we also advise our students not to travel abroad,

    4. During the specified period, all academic and administrative staff of the university will be granted administrative leave,

    5. In line with the decision of the Council of Ministers, all public places of worship will be closed until 1 April 2020

    6. In the event of the student nationals of foreign countries or their families encountering COVID-19 related symptoms including fever, cough and breathing difficulties, they are advised to immediately contact the following numbers:  


    TRNC Ministry of Health 

    +90 533 850 1188

    + 90 548 850 1188


    TRNC Deputy Prime Ministry and Ministry of Internal Affairs 

    +90 533 851 4006


    We kindly urge all to carefully follow all announcements from the Rector's Office regarding the virus outbreak.  Those wishing to receive information on the operation and services of our university's  Registrar's Office, Accounting Office and Dormitories Directorate during the specified period are also invited to follow the announcements of the Rector's Office. 



    EMU Rector's Office


    Dear students of Physics 102. The first webquiz has been postponed to a later date. The new date and time will be announced accordingly.

    Good Luck 

    PHYS 102 

    Spring 2019/2020

    NEW Announcement (Feb. 21, 2020): 

    Please find the Course outline and the Lab schedule in the following. 

    WebAssign - Entering Special Symbols and Operations: WATCH THIS .

                               CLICK ON ITS YOUTUBE LINK TO SEE ITS .


    New attendance policy:

    Dear our students, active participation to the lectures and exams is a must for successful completion of this course. If the student’s attendance is below 50% automatically the grade NG will be assigned.


      There will be five lab sessions throughout the semester. These will be scheduled during the time slots of the tutorial sessions. Please refer to the schedule (LAB DATES) which is going to be announced via Physics Department’s web page for the specific date of each lab session. Note that students who do not attend at least three lab sessions will automatically get NG.
    ·  All the experiment scores of the Fall semester of 2019-20 are going to be transferred to the Spring semester of 2019-20. The repeating students can check their previous lab scores via EMU student portal. A repeating student, who is satisfied with her/his former experiment score is efficaciously exempted from the Labs. But, a repeating student, who is not satisfied with her/his former Lab score will have to attend all lab sessions of PHYS102.
    All students must attend the Lab-exam!
    The Places for the MIDTERM EXAM:



  • Temperature & Heat

    In this section Temperature and Heat are introduced.

  • Kinetic Theory of Gases

  • Electric Field

  • Gauss's Law

    Gauss's Law

  • Electric Potential

  • Magnetic Field and Force

  • This topic

    Sources of the Magnetic Field

  • Midterm-Exam Solution-Sets

  • Former Lab Finals

    Former Lab Finals

  • Former Final Exam Questions

  • Former Quiz Questions