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  • Heat Transfer

    Introduction, Conservation Laws, Introduction to conduction, One-dimensional steady state conduction, thermal generation, and extended surface, Two-dimensional and transient conduction, Introduction to convection, External Flow, Internal Flow, Free Convection, Boiling and Condensation, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Radiation, Absorption, reflection, and transmission, Radiation exchange, Mass Transfer. 

    • Chapter 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts

      1–1 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
      1–2 Engineering Heat Transfer
      1–3 Heat and Other Forms of Energy
      1–4 The First Law of Thermodynamics
      1–5 Heat Transfer Mechanisms
      1–6 Conduction
      1–7 Convection
      1–8 Radiation

      • Chapter 2: Heat Conduction Equation

        2–1 Introduction
        2–2 One-Dimensional Heat Conduction Equation
        2–3 General Heat Conduction Equation
        2–4 Boundary and Initial Conditions
        2–5 Solution of Steady One-Dimensional Heat Conduction Problems
        2–6 Heat Generation in a Solid

        • Chapter 3: Steady Heat Conduction

          3–1 Steady Heat Conduction in Plane Walls
          3–2 Thermal Contact Resistance
          3–3 Generalized Thermal Resistance Networks
          3–4 Heat Conduction in Cylinders and Spheres
          3–5 Critical Radius of Insulation
          3–6 Heat Transfer from Finned Surfaces
          3–7 Heat Transfer in Common Configurations

          • Chapter 4: Transient Heat Conduction

            4–1 Lumped System Analysis
            4–2 Transient Heat Conduction in Large Plane Walls, Long Cylinders, and Spheres with Spatial Effects

            • Chapter 6: Fundamentals of Convection

              6–1 Physical Mechanism of Convection
              6–2 Classification of Fluid Flows
              6–3 Velocity Boundary Layer
              6–4 Thermal Boundary Layer
              6–5 Laminar and Turbulent Flows

              • Chapter 7: External Forced Convection

                7–1 Drag and Heat Transfer in External Flow
                7–2 Parallel Flow over Flat Plates
                7–3 Flow across Cylinders and Spheres
                7–4 Flow across Tube Banks

                • Chapter 8: Internal Forced Convection

                  8–1 Introduction
                  8–2 Average Velocity and Temperature
                  8–3 The Entrance Region
                  8–4 General Thermal Analysis
                  8–5 Laminar Flow in Tubes
                  8–6 Turbulent Flow in Tubes

                  • Chapter 9: Natural Convection

                    9–1 Physical Mechanism of Natural Convection
                    9–2 Equation of Motion and the Grashof Number
                    9–3 Natural Convection over Surfaces

                    • Chapter 11: Heat Exchangers

                      11–1 Types of Heat Exchangers
                      11–2 The Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient
                      11–3 Analysis of Heat Exchangers
                      11–4 The Log Mean Temperature Difference Method
                      11–5 The Effectiveness–NTU Method