Assignment 1

Assignment 1

A wireless equipment producer applied to Advanced Technologies Research and Development Institute and asked for a report on the future of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) technologies for their company’s future investment plan.

a) Focusing on the current Wi-Fi specifications and application areas, provide information about the problems and concerns by some producers.

b) Provide estimates regarding how you foresee Wi-Fi or similar technologies will be used in domestic promises.

c) Describe, with reference to relevant figures/pictures how will Wi-Fi technology evolve in 5G Small-Cell Mobile Communications systems with reference to Femtocells.

The assignment should be prepared using Microsoft Powerpoint, using the style in Effective Presentation Techniques at

Note: All sentences, figures and graphics you use in your presentation should be originally written, photographed or drawn by yourself as plegiarizm is a serious offence and the penalties are well defined in the EMU literature and elsewhere.