Homework checklist

HW1: "Petri net software and tools" ; assigned to Şakir Dinsev ; scheduled to 16/12/19

HW2: "Petri nets in workflow management" ; assigned to Yas Yazdanian ; scheduled to 16/12/19

HW3: "Petri nets in manufacturing systems" ; assigned to Mustafa Baran Muhtaroğlu ; scheduled to 16/12/19

HW4: "Stochastic Petri nets"; assigned to Gülpen Minifoğlu; scheduled to 19/12/19

HW5: "Fuzzy Petri nets"; assigned Muammer Can Yılmaz; scheduled to 23/12/19

HW6: "Time-dependent Petri nets"; assigned Hakan Topal; scheduled to 23/12/19

HW7: "Continuous Petri nets"; assigned to Gülben Babaliki; scheduled to 23/12/19

HW8: "Carl Adam Petri and Petri nets"; assigned to Deniz Denizer; scheduled to 26/12/2019