Attendance Grades

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Attendance Grades
by Dilek Celik - Wednesday, 1 January 2020, 9:13 PM

Dear all,

In the appendix, you can see your attendance grades, which will constitute 5% of your final grade upon 100% and calculated over a total of 5 points. As you know, you lose 1 point for each course you did not attend. The fields that you see with purple color in the list are those according to the signature lists that you see in the portal. The sections marked with yellow indicate the days when you did not attend the course with a valid excuse (health reports, exam conflicts at the same time, etc.) and the green line, which is the last line, shows the attendance grades  (the valid excuses are subtracted from the number of days you did not attend).


Please check the list and contact with me till the end of Friday (Give an information about the day and bring/add your official excuse document)


Good luck in the exams ....