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by Rza Bashirov - Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 8:09 PM

To the attention of math163 students

The first quiz will be conducted on 27 April, Monday starting 17:00 in a scheduled meeting within your team. Before the quiz starts, we will authenticate all students by student ID card or national passport. Then all students will receive a team notification to join the quiz. Upon receipt of corresponding notification any student will need to click on “view assignment” and join the quiz. The topics for the quiz are sets, relations and functions. More specifically, 

  1. Sets: subsets, the power set, set operations, proof by Venn diagram, Cartesian product of sets.
  2. Relations: binary relations and their properties, equivalence relations and equivalence classes, partition of a set, partial orders, posets, Hasse diagram
  3. Functions: domain, codomain (target) and range, one-to-one, onto, one-to-one correspondence and inverse functions, composition of functions

Shortly before the quiz starts, you will need to confirm your identity by displaying your student ID card or passport with the help of built-in or added-on web camera. All students will be also monitored online during the quiz duration. We recommend you to use a laptop or tablet with such a web camera. If not, you can use your cell phone which is anyway has a built-in camera. You can also use laptop/tablet to answer the questions, while keeping your cell phone open and displaying you during the quiz. You must get sure that camera on your computer/tablet/cell phone is functioning and that your student ID card or passport is on the desk close to you. Remember that a photocopy of any document is not a valid document. The last but not the least, we want to remind that the rules regulating student disciplinary actions in EMU are applicable during online quizzes and examinations.

Duration of the quiz will be announced before the quiz starts. You will need to complete your answers on time and submit before the quiz is closed. You will have a single attempt to submit and, therefore, before submitting the answers check and get sure that your answers are maximum correct. Resubmission will not be possible anyway.