Dear Students and Guests,

I am pleased to wellcome you all to the Wireless Communication course, where we shall be discussing the past, current and future wireless, mobile and cellular communications concepts and trends to enlighten you on the subject. The major objective of this course is to give students a broad cultural view of the Wireless Communications concept ranging from equipment manufacturing standards and companies approaches to improve their competitive edges to system designer and operators competitive struggle to increase their market share.

From time to time, experts on various Wireless Communications subjects and Internet Providers will be invited to deliver speaches about what is actually going on in the industry and how we should be preparing ourselves for the future struggle in the market and job arena.

I wish a successfull and joyfull course season to all of you.

Prof. Dr. Hasan AMCA

Wireless, Cellular and Mobile Communications Specialist



Please note that, in preparing the assignments, copying and pasting is a serious offence and it has serious disciplinary penalties. Therefore, make sure that you write your own sentences originally and take your own photographs, if possible. If you have to use other peoples work, please use a proper referencing method and give reference to the original authors work.



Assignments should be prepared as powerpoint presentation slights, unless othervise specified.

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